A chance meeting at a busy airport sees a young entrepreneur in the company of a seductive stranger for the duration of his flight to New York.  She has a sexy secret to tell, but only if he shares one first; a Mid Air Collusion he’s unlikely to forget in a hurry.

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A college student embarks on a road trip, but didn’t envisage making the journey with a sexy hitch-hiker in tow.  Will it be the end of the line when he reaches his destination or will The Hitcher lead him down another path?

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On a hot summer’s night, a man awakes from a peaceful slumber, roused by a mysterious beauty appearing at his bedside.   Is she real or merely a Night Vision?

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Escaping the stresses of daily life to indulge in a little rest and recuperation, a weary businessman unexpectedly engages a gorgeous exhibitionist in a voyeuristic Beach Encounter.

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The complete compilation of Night Vision, Beach Encounter, Mid Air Collusion, Ariana, A Greek Tragedy and The Hitcher, available in eBook and paperback.


The complete compilation of Peeping Tom, A Country Caper, A Tension Seeker Calls, The Hostess, The Attic and The Secret Garden, available in eBook and paperback.

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Listed here the complete catalogue currently published by SMS Publishing, together with a number of titles coming soon.


Charming Man Ebony Angel

More titles to follow shortly; watch this space!

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